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Employee health and well-being today

Challenges both inside and outside the workplace impact employees, resulting in disengagement, lack of community, loneliness and poor health.

Employees are struggling with mental health

What is the impact to your business?

The well-being of your employees ultimately affects your workplace and business performance.

    High Turnover
    Turnover as a result of culture and lack of recognition costs 90%–200% of a departing employee’s salary.

    High Absenteeism
    78% of employees miss work due to mental health concerns with 34% missing work for two months or more.
    (Mental Health Foundation)

    Lost Productivity
    Productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost $1,685 per employee.

The Evolution of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Traditional Employee Assistance Programs have a utilization rate of less than 5%, only reaching a few employees who raise their hand and ask for help. Modern Employee Assistance Programs that embrace the digital experience support 100% of employees proactively, so they stay healthy at work and home.

Traditional EAP Modern EAP
  • Reactive
  • Proactive
  • Underutilized
  • High participation
  • Based on fragmented technology
  • Based on mobile-first, consumer-grade technology
  • Relevant to only a few employees
  • Personalized for everyone
  • The Total Well-being Journey with LifeWorks

    Help your employees feel supported, guided, connected, recognized and rewarded with the LifeWorks Total Well-being Platform.

    The Well-being Cycle e-book

    Total employee well-being is a strategy in which you support workers in every aspect of their lives. From physical ill health and depression, to a family bereavement and spiralling debts, these are all issues which must be resolved.

    Why do these concern you as an employer?

    Well, employees who have the support, guidance, and advice they need to achieve physical, mental, and emotional health are far more productive at work. It’s simple, you look after them, and they look after your business.

    Download our e-book and start transforming your organization today.

    The Well-being Cycle

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    Make your employees feel loved