Employee discount schemes and perks

Save your employees up to $2,794 per year

Today’s organizations can’t afford to ignore the financial health of their employees. Research says that financial worries can impact employees’ performance significantly, leaving them feeling stressed and demotivated. Support and promote your workforce’s financial well-being with a range of benefits that they will appreciate and use on a daily basis.

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Help your employees save money on daily essentials and treats

  • in-store voucher codes

    In-store coupon codes

  • Gift Card Discounts

    Gift card discounts up to 15%

  • Boosted cashback

    100% boosted cashback

  • online voucher codes

    Online coupon codes

  • Theme Park Discounts

    Up to 20% off theme parks & attractions

  • restaurant discounts

    Restaurant discounts

  • Host your own offers

    Host your own offers

  • Gym membership discounts

    Gym discounts at over 8,000 locations

  • Request your favorite merchant

  • Cinema discounts

    Up to 40% off on movie tickets

  • Up to 25% off on shows

  • Accrue savings in your wallet

    Wallet - where your savings accrue

Keep your team financially healthy

Improve employee well-being with financial assessments, education and support

  • Assess: Ongoing assessments of their financial risk and attitude to budget planning.
  • Guide: Free consultations with trained specialists when they need help the most.
  • Educate: Digital content, toolkits & articles on financial well-being.
employee financial wellbeing

Make your employees feel loved