10 mistakes you’re making with your EAP and how to fix them

Published by: LifeWorks,

Join us for insights and actionable tips to deliver a proactive employee assistance programme that gets used.

Employee assistance programmes are often treated as another box to check. However, when it comes to the wellbeing of your employees, you have a duty of care to supply the correct resources.

To truly put your employees first, now is the time to switch to a proactive, rather than reactive wellbeing solution.


You will learn

  1. How to pick the right EAP for you and your workforce
  2. Create a successful launch and engagement strategy for your EAP
  3. Craft a wellbeing strategy that includes your EAP
  4. Take the stigma out of wellbeing and mental health
  5. How to Improve company culture

About the host

David Shearman – Strategic Account Director, LifeWorks

David Shearman has worked in the EAP industry for 10 years. During that time he has managed the largest EAP scheme in the UK – the LifeWorks Unum partnership, which covers over 7 million employees.

He also has been responsible for launching Employee Assistance Programmes for Santander, Greggs, Citibank, Specsavers and Mars.

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