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Financial Well-being: Feel Rewarded

Improve your employees’ financial well-being with savings on everyday purchases and important life events, such as getting married, buying a home or car, family outings and holidays. Employees can enjoy thousands of gift cards, in-store and online discounts as well as cashback offers paid directly into their wallet and save up to $2,794 per year.

See how much you can save in a year with the LifeWorks Perks Calculator

Attract and keep the best people

In a competitive job market it’s not all
about the paycheck.

According to Glassdoor, around 60% of job seekers say perks are a major incentive when looking for a job and 80% prefer additional benefits over a pay increase.

Help your employees save money on daily essentials and key life events

  • in-store voucher codes

    In-store coupon codes

  • Gift Card Discounts

    Gift card discounts up to 15%

  • Boosted cashback

    100% boosted cashback

  • online voucher codes

    Online coupon codes

  • Theme Park Discounts

    Up to 20% off theme parks & attractions

  • restaurant discounts

    Restaurant discounts

  • Host your own offers

    Host your own offers

  • Gym membership discounts

    Gym discounts at over 8,000 locations

  • Request your favorite merchant

  • Cinema discounts

    Up to 40% off on movie tickets

  • Up to 25% off on shows

  • Accrue savings in your wallet

    Wallet - where your savings accrue

Promote your wider company benefits

Make your organizational wellness initiatives more visible by promoting all your company benefits in one place.

Make your employees feel loved