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Welcome to the LifeWorks Workplace Outcome Suite!

Our mission is to help service providers demonstrate outcomes and impact in a credible and understandable way

Why is the Workplace Outcome Suite
a valuable tool
for EAPs?

The Workplace Outcome Suite (WOS) is a brief, psychometrically robust tool that clearly documents the impact of your EAP workplace intervention. The WOS is endorsed by EAPA and is a well-established outcomes measurement tool that continues to grow in employee assistance provider use, popularity and available data for reporting.

* EAPA stands for the Employee Assistance Professionals Association; the world’s largest, oldest, and most respected membership organization for employee assistance professionals.

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The Workplace Outcome Suite Report is an annual study of data contributed by multiple employee assistance providers worldwide and over 24,000 employee cases, produced in partnership with the International Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA).

The report looks at the utilization and effectiveness of EAPs with regards to five specific outcomes: Work Presenteeism, Life Satisfaction, Work Absenteeism, Work Engagement, and Workplace Distress, analyzing the level of each both before and after intervention through EAP.

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WOS Report 2018 WOS Report 2017
WOS Report 2016

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“We find the WOS a professional and thoughtfully designed instrument, and one that we anticipate will demonstrate solid improvements and notable service value for us and the EAP industry.”

Marcie Bensman

Director of Quality Management,
Harris Rothenberg International

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