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Webinar: delivering employee wellbeing & engagement

Published by: LifeWorks,

Join us for insights and actionable tips to help your employees become healthier and more engaged.

About the webinar

Watch our webinar, ‘Delivering employee wellbeing and engagement for 2017’, where we will be sharing insights and actionable tips to help your employees become healthier and more engaged at work. We will discuss the tools needed to improve productivity and workplace culture, and how to reduce voluntary turnover


You’ll learn how to:

  • Attract and engage employees with a technology-based approach
  • Use small, sustained steps for behaviour change in your workforce
  • Encourage and reward healthy habits amongst your employees
  • Help your company achieve business goals through enhanced cultur

About the host

James Lee – Chief Design Officer

As the Chief Design Officer of LifeWorks, James leads the wellbeing team, encapsulating the product vision and brand design efforts. Experienced in developing and implementing wellbeing initiatives, and with a deep background in user-centred design, James has a track record of creating delightful and meaningful user experiences.

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