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Wise Consulting: Connecting co-workers and enriching employee experience

Published by: LifeWorks,

With 100% engagement on day one, Wise Consulting employees have really embraced the recognition, wellness and reward benefits which LifeWorks delivers. The highly engaged Wise Consulting employees have also benefitted from thousands of dollars in savings from online shopping and discount deals within the LifeWorks Perks platform.


In May 2016, Wise Consulting celebrated its 20th anniversary, marking two decades of providing technology-led HR and payroll consultancy services for clients spanning multiple sectors. A long-term Ceridian implementation partner, the independent, Wise Consulting is based in Hunt Valley, Maryland and prides itself on bringing expertise and best practices to solve each of its client’s unique challenges.

A unique challenge

Always looking to improve communication amongst its employee base which is spread out over the US, Wise Consulting’s HR team had identified a need for a more interactive approach to employee interaction. With many employees working remotely, company leaders wanted to better ‘connect’ co-workers in a virtual setting.

Split over three teams, the company had identified communication barriers, and management wanted to encourage more two-way communication between themselves and the teams. Wise Consulting president Jennifer Wise holds frequent 30 minute conference calls with each of the teams, but felt that telephone communication had not fostered a culture where, for example, employees could share birthdays and anniversaries to build good will.

Lastly, a number of Wise Consulting employees had experienced bereavements, and some employees had identified financial challenges and elder care issues. Management wanted to help employees deal with issues in the most effective way possible, and looked to implement an upgraded Employee Assistance Program as well as a reward and recognition platform.

Our primary goal was to provide a better experience for our employees. LifeWorks’ three-tiered social, reward and recognition platform stood out as Jennifer Wise, Wise Consulting President

Key project initiatives

Wise Consulting wanted to connect co-workers who might not normally have the chance to engage with one another, breaking down silos and improving both cross functional and inter-office collaboration.

In addition to the core employee communication objectives, Wise Consulting also felt that the opportunity to use achieved “perks” for shopping and discount deals was a straightforward way of enriching their employees’ lives, making previously inaccessible treats more accessible.

The LifeWorks team worked well on a tight timeline and also continues to be a great support post development — they’re always on hand and work flexibly to meet our ongoing training needs

Overall, Wise Consulting wanted to establish a platform that would allow for immediate recognition of good work, as well as more fun and engaging employee interactions

Great results with LifeWorks

The solution went live on May 5th this year to a highly positive reception from employees and stakeholders. Within three weeks, Wise Consulting generated 400+ recognitions across its 69 employees using the platform.

With the need to improve employee communication a key priority, LifeWorks’ company newsfeed offering was particularly appealing to the Wise Consulting team, which recognized its real potential for improving employee communication and organizational productivity.

It is very polished and has a great consumer feel to it, continued Wise. The mobile app in particular is very user- friendly — so much so that our employees had already began using it during our launch event. That was a great endorsement.

Key results to date include a 100% employee sign up rate, and collectively, employees have already benefitted from thousands of dollars in online shopping and discount deals. Wise also believes bundling the EAP, or “Life” as it’s called in LifeWorks, has increased awareness of these resources and improve EAP utilization — helping employees deal with these stressors.

To the future

Wise Consulting’s selection of LifeWorks is testament to both companies’ strong commitment to delivering superlative employee engagement. We’re delighted that Wise Consulting has seen a positive return on investment just one month after implementation.
Jamie True, CEO, LifeWorks

As a next stage to the partnership, the LifeWorks and Wise Consulting teams plan to drill down into the solution so that it groups employees by function and/or location, making it even more targeted and relevant.

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