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Improving productivity, reducing absenteeism and tackling turnover

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LifeWorks is really easy to get excited about. It’s a cool way to help people get out of their comfort zones in a safe way. We made this more than just a program. Those who participate have nothing but praise for it.
Brandon Lawrence, Director of Human Resources

Founded 50 years ago, Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry is a family-owned company and a leading brand in cabinet manufacturing. They service remodeling projects of all shapes and sizes, with an emphasis on simplicity, customization, and style. They currently employ more than 120 people in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania and offer a variety of custom products, from doors and shelves to cabinets, desks, and entertainment units.

The challenge

With a workforce comprised mostly of older generations, Plain & Fancy Cabinetry faced several unique challenges:

  • Encouraging their entire workforce to engage with one another on a more personal level
  • Educating their staff on the benefits of an employee assistance program (EAP)
  • Improving employee health and wellbeing

One of the biggest challenges was finding a solution that everyone, no matter their age or health status, could participate in. Not just participate in, but something they were actually excited about. We wanted a solution we could integrate into every level of our company.

The Solution

Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry found the perfect match with LifeWorks. The LifeWorks solution goes beyond traditional EAPs, providing features from wellness tools and work-life services to social recognition and social networking.

LifeWorks is great for new generations entering the workforce and for older generations discovering technology. It’s a great place to turn to for those who feel like they don’t know where to go. It gives employees direction.

Adaptable for each employee

The LifeWorks team took a hands-on approach by offering useful tips and information leading up to launch day, such as timelines and literature to make sure they were ready. This fueled Lawrence’s enthusiasm and inspired some creative brainstorming.

He started customizing the program so it aligned with the company and their culture, combining on-site activities with the online solution. Today, Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry hosts weekly company walks, plays safety and wellness bingo, and provides regular healthy cooking demonstrations.

Employees struggling with obesity, mental health concerns, and addictions to smoking have found support in the LifeWorks solution through targeted educational content, counselling services, and smoking cessation programs.

Bringing the team together

The LifeWorks solution received full buy-in from executives, given the ease of implementation, the flexibility of the program, and support from the LifeWorks team.

LifeWorks goes beyond the traditional EAP concept and instead empowers employees to proactively address health concerns and do so in a supportive, team-focused manner. The benefits of implementation were more than just healthier, happier employees. It also boosted morale and added to a strong culture.

Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry started offering prizes their employees wanted and created games and challenges to bring people together through friendly competition.

Our company walks gives everyone a chance to get to know one another on a personal level. Nobody is ever left behind. These walks are our social networking. We combine our step goals and participation in health events with games and online points. This way employees enjoy the interpersonal connection with their coworkers while also enjoying the LifeWorks experience online.

Make your employees feel loved