Analytics & Insights

Make informed decisions and unlock the potential of your people

measuring employee engagement

Why analytics and insights matter

As an employer, it’s important you meet your business goals and build productive and engaged teams. That’s why our Total Employee Well-being Platform provides you with analytics and insights to help you track behaviour and utilization across your organization, understand well-being trends and fine-tune your HR programs to improve business results.

Focus on the things that matter most with analytics

We’re here to help you paint a better picture for your business. Discover which team’s doing great work, what’s trending across your company or what practices are making a positive difference for your people with our in-depth, real-time analytics.

Turn data into actionable outcomes with insights

Transform raw data into valuable insights to drive your actions; not just support your decisions. We can help you turn that data into meaningful change, increased engagement, strong company culture and business successes. Visually analyze your data and see it come to life with a beautiful, branded and enterprise-ready dashboard.

Make your employees feel loved