Get employees to live and breathe core values

A lack of recognition is the #1 reason employees leave their job (Gallup). Rewards and recognition support emotional well‑being and boost company culture. By creating a digitally thriving company culture that links back to your mission and core values, you empower your people to live and breathe these values everyday.

Rewards and recognition

Celebrate and reward outstanding performance

Say “Thank you” to your most valued people for doing great work and inspiring others with flexible, on-the-spot rewards of their choice that are linked directly to employee-led recognition.

Build a thriving company culture by giving public recognition and rewards that contribute to total well-being to employees who lead by example.

Measure engagement and company values

With our analytics and insights reporting, we measure your employees’ engagement and help you identify all the positive behaviours that align with your corporate values.

This way you can see if you clearly communicate your company’s mission, vision and values to everyone across your organization. Review these regularly and adapt things that aren’t working.

Make your employees feel loved