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Make the most of our curated communications to promote EFAP to your employees

The pandemic has increased people’s challenges worldwide. The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is a great way to get help during those difficult times. However, many of your people might not know that you give them access to an EFAP or how they can benefit from it.

To let all your employees know of the available support, we are offering a free service to provide communications and promote the EFAP for you.

What is this service?

Once you upload your contact list, your employees will receive a series of emails, encouraging them to take action and contact their EFAP.

Some of the topics covered will include making sense of the new normal, finances, mental health, relationships and physical health.


What is featured in the communications?

I am anxious about sharing contact details. How can I be sure that information will be safe?

What does the contact list should include?

Can I have this campaign in another format (PDF, printable posters, etc.)?

My employees don’t have corporate emails. Can I still use this service?

How can I download my employee contact list?

Get the communication service today

3 simple steps toward a well-know EFAP

  • Prepare an Excel contact list including employees email corporate addresses (no other information needed!). Download the Excel template
  • Submit your contact list in the form below.
  • Select when you would like your first communication to be sent.
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