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Make the most of our curated communications to promote EFAP to your employees

The pandemic has increased people’s challenges worldwide. The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is a great way to get help during those difficult times. However, many of your people might not know that you give them access to an EFAP or how they can benefit from it.

To let all your employees know of the available support, we are offering a free service to provide communications and promote the EFAP for you.

What is this service?

Once you upload your contact list, your employees will receive a series of emails, encouraging them to take action and contact their EFAP.

Some of the topics covered will include making sense of the new normal, finances, mental health, relationships and physical health.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager for any questions or additional information.


What is featured in the communications?

Benefits of EAP. Real life situations of how others have used EAP and how it helped them with:
Managing stress
Adapting to the new normal
Staying active
Improving communication skills
Reaching career goals
And more!

Access of service. Various service delivery methods, including telephonic and videoconference.

I am anxious about sharing contact details. How can I be sure that information will be safe?

Morneau Shepell is centred around building exceptional products and providing peace of mind to our customers and their employees. Therefore, we follow a number of practices to prevent unauthorized access to systems and data, identify risks, execute industry-leading best practices, and evaluate ways to continue improving our platform.

We also use a secure VPN to allow employees to connect to the Morneau Shepell network from anywhere in the world. This ensures all data is transmitted securely whether we’re working from our Toronto headquarters or from home.

How can I upload my contact list?

Use the Excel template on the top right corner to prepare your list and fill the form. To benefit from this service, your contact list should include corporate employee emails.

OPTIONAL | You can also share with us your employees preferred language of contact. If you do not provide this information, the emails sent will be bilingual by default (English and French)

Can I have this campaign in another format (PDF, printable posters, etc.)?

Unfortunately, this communication series is only available by email.

My employees don’t have corporate emails. Can I still use this service?

To be allowed to send emails to your employees we are legally obligated to follow one of these two options:

· Use organizational employee emails

· Receive explicit agreement from your employees to use their personal email addresses.

Thus, if your employees give their agreement to receive communications to their personal email, we would be happy to offer this service to your organization. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to have more details about this possibility.

Upload your contact list

Prepare an Excel contact list including employees email corporate addresses (no other information needed!) – Download the Excel template.

Fill out my online form.

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