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Explore our ever expanding curated list of wellbeing resources, from in-depth case studies to actionable marketing tools and more.

Leading the way

We advocate for employee wellbeing by working together with our global community of customers and experts for more than 40 years. This is where we share the latest EAP and employee wellbeing content with you, as well as what we’ve learned: news, articles, research findings, webinars and much more.

The Wellbeing Cycle

When employee wellbeing is put first, organizations win.

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LifeWorks EAP Summary

Learn more about the LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program (EAP).


LifeWorks Telemedicine

Telemedicine reduces barriers so employees can get the help they need.


Continuing Education Course

Earn CE credits and learn how a modern EAP can transform organizations.

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Total Wellbeing Index (TWI)

Create a comprehensive picture of employee and organizational health.


How LifeWorks is Different

Mark New, Managing Partner at Dorado Benefit Advisors, explains.

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2021 Product Roadmap

Set a wellbeing direction while navigating uncertainty.


See LifeWorks in Action

Learn how LifeWorks proactively supports employee wellbeing 24/7.

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Marriott Case Study

Learn how LifeWorks helped Marriott save almost $1.5M.


Wellbeing Essential Series

This monthly webinar series tackles the biggest issues we face today.

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Sodexo Case Study

Find out how LifeWorks helped this $8.8B company through retention.


Mental Health Index

Published monthly, this report looks at the current state of mental health.

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