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Are work perks any good?

Published by: climbonline1,

They certainly can be! Just think of the employee who will be thankful for the savings your organization could give them on essential electronic items, or the discounts on hotel rooms they could enjoy on their next much-needed vacation.

Health and fitness, too, is a major focus of many employee perks. This might manifest in not only gym memberships, but also money off the other essentials your people require to feel fit and well – and therefore, in the right wellbeing state to deliver their best work.

Perks & Savings is an Add-on feature that can be combined as a bundle with the LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program (EAP), providing support for your employees’ physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing for the duration of their time with your organization.

Remember that low levels of employee wellbeing have been linked to a wide range of adverse impacts for business, such as high turnover, high absenteeism and lost productivity.

By making care for your people and their families central to your corporate culture, you can therefore help to keep more of your best talents with you, taking fewer sick days and serving as excellent ambassadors for your brand.

Make your employees feel loved