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Why excitement is key to your wellness communications strategy

Published by: LifeWorks,

Addressing employee well-being requires a strong wellness communications strategy. Otherwise, your wellness program and benefits go unused and forgotten. Employees will either not know about your program or not care about it.

The answer is not just raising awareness, but generating excitement.

The infographic below — based on research by my company, LifeWorks — explores what makes a wellness communications strategy successful.

Our survey found that 64 percent of employees say their employer is ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ at getting employees excited about participating in their program. Of those who said this, a whopping 87 percent currently participate. This is the effect excitement has on your communications strategy.

Here are some more highlights from the infographic:

  • 1 in 3 employees say their employer needs to improve at getting them excited about their program.
  • Levels of interest vary between age groups and gender.
  • Male employees are most interested in personal wellness reports and financial wellness programs, whereas female employees are most interested in fitness challenges and stress management training.
  • Word choice impacts the levels of motivation and appeal employees experiencee.
  • Empowering terms like ‘weight management’ are more appealing than ‘weight loss.’

A successful wellness communications strategy comes down to three C’s: content, culture, and connection.

Content should be educational and speak directly to each employee’s needs. This is where connection comes in — promote wellness activities that are specific to their unique interests and wellness goals. The more you get employees excited about your program, the more positive and health-oriented your culture becomes.

When you master these areas, you’ll be in a better position to excite employees and improve overall well-being. Check out the full infographic below to get a better understanding of how to generate excitement about your wellness program.


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