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How to celebrate your employees on parents’ day

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In May, we showed our appreciation for mothers. In June, the focus turned to fathers. And last Sunday, we celebrated both.

With Parents’ Day having just passed, it’s important to take a moment to celebrate your parent employees. Recognition helps improve employee well-being, so now the is the perfect time to acknowledge the unique value parents bring to the workplace.

Employees who are parents are strong leaders and tend to be excellent communicators. They also regularly show compassion and empathy while they raise their children, which translates well in the workplace.

However, juggling work stresses with the pressure of raising children can be a lot to handle. Fortunately, you can play an active role in improving their quality of life by praising them and showing how much your company values them.

If you give these employees a better experience by making their work life easier, employee well-being will soar. They’ll feel less stressed, find a healthier work-life balance, and have a greater sense of job satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at the best ways to praise your working moms and dads, and how you can give them a better employee experience:

Make them feel seen

Celebrating your employees is vital to helping them reach their full potential and helping you retain your A-players. Unfortunately, a lot of employees miss the mark on this.

In fact, Officevibe’s July poll found that 63 percent of employees feel like they don’t get enough praise. So, you need to make recognition a top priority.

Use Parents’ Day to inspire you to make a change in how you recognize your staff, especially those who have children. The week following Parents’ Day, which occurs on the fourth Sunday in July, publicly announce your appreciation for all their efforts.

One way to do this is by giving them gifts or experiences they can enjoy with their whole family. For example, give them tickets to a baseball game or sporting event for the local team. If they’re not sports fans, sign them up for a subscription to something that is kid-friendly, such as an annual pass to National Parks.

Make them feel heard

Improving the employee experience for parents should be a guessing game — all you have to do is ask your staff for honest feedback.

What can make your company a better place to work for parents? How can you help them manage a busy home life with their work responsibilities?

The first step is knowing what their biggest challenges are. Announce how you’re trying to help working parents, and ask for suggestions on how you can better support them.

Consider an anonymous feedback system, like surveys. This way, employees can be open about how they feel and what they want to see improved without worrying about being judged for their opinion.

If your culture is founded on open communication and transparency, seek feedback in a way that aligns with that. Host an open discussion with your whole staff, or engage in a message thread through your company’s internal social network.

Take action

Once you have your team’s input, start looking at options. Review the benefits you offer and how you can build a better benefits package that attracts and retains working parents and helps boost employee well-being.

We recently conducted a survey to better understand wellness benefits trends. Our research found that only 2 percent of employers offer childcare stipends, and just 3 percent offer on-site daycare.

Consider providing these benefits or offering flexible work options. When you approach this, instead of looking at performance and productivity factors, focus on what’s causing extra stress in the lives of your parent employees. Then, find benefits or policies that help ease that added stress.

Don’t Ignore Infertility

Parents’ Day might be hard for those who live with infertility. It can be a reminder of their ongoing struggle to start a family. But you can help.

If they need help with their mental health and managing their stress during this difficult time, refer these employees to valuable resources in your EAP, such as counseling or stress management programs.

You can also offer infertility benefits like fertility coaching or subscriptions to a fertility concierge service like Progyny. These services help them through every step and provide emotional support and guidance throughout their entire journey.

Also, look into corporate package options for egg freezing companies such as EggBanxx or Extend Fertility. They make egg freezing more affordable for both the employee and the employer.

Parents’ Day is just the start. It’s the perfect time to recognize your hard-working parent employees and to start finding ways to improve their employee experience year-round.

How are you improving the employee experience for working parents?

Make your employees feel loved